Sleeves for self-service car washes and HYDROLINE Autowash

Sleeves for self-service car washes and HYDROLINE Autowash

Purpose : intended for use in medium and high pressure apparatus with a maximum working pressure of 200 atmospheres;

Inner layer : auto-chemical resistant thermoplastic polyurethane;

Reinforcement : one layer of high strength polyester braid;

Outer layer : resistant to wear, UV and other external factors thermoplastic polyurethane.

The sleeves are available in standard colors blue and red.

Packaging: cardboard box with valve for quick access to the sleeve.

For the convenience of measurement and inventory, a mark with the length is applied to each meter of the sleeve.

& nbsp;

Recommended use:

– for crimping the sleeves, we recommend using sleeves for thermoplastic sleeves R7 / R8, we recommend choosing sleeves one size larger than the sleeve, i.e .:

– for sleeve DN6 – art. 00018-05;

– for sleeve DN8 – art. 00018-06.

– recommended crimping diameters (without using a gauge):

– for hose DN6 – 15.3 mm;

– for hose DN8 – 18.2 mm.

– we also recommend installing a kink protector on the sleeves.


SKUInner diameter, mmOutside diameter, mmWorking pressure, atmWorking pressure, atmWeight 1m, gr.

* – in agreement with the customer, it is possible to manufacture sleeves of non-standard length.


Due to the dynamic development of modern industrial hydraulics and pneumatics, it places increased demands on the working units of machines and mechanisms.

And industrial hoses are no exception.

We have developed HYDROLINE industrial TPU sleeves with these requirements in mind. This is our innovative development, which combines modern hose materials, increased working pressure and a unique technology for their manufacture. The inner and outer layers are made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the braid consists of polyester threads intertwined with each other, as on the sleeves of the SN design. Sleeves are operated in the temperature range from -55 ºС to +100 ºС. Resistant to petroleum products and products based on them. They are used when supplying air, water, oils and fuels, weak alkalis and acids. Sleeves are applied in systems with the maximum working pressure of 40 Atmospheres (Bar).